Friday, November 27, 2009

Calendar Templates For Sale! and a freebie!

Ok, so maybe it isn't quite on par with ToysRUs or Target, but I am having my own little sale here on the blog. And I didn't quite have it ready yesterday (darn all that shopping I did! :) ) so it is now a Black Friday WEEKEND roll out! I have decided to sell a set of calendar templates for 8.5x11 calendars starting today!

The .zip file contains 12 .page files that allow you to make a full year's worth of calendar layouts for only $2!! What a deal! and because you are all so cool, I'm also giving away a card template FREEBIE! So, if you need to get moving on those photo gifts and cards (and who doesn't), use my templates to speed the process along! Or if you don't feel like doing all the work, contact me and I'll put your projects together FOR you! Contact me for details on that.

So, here is the preview of the blank templates:


and now, for the freebie! I made up a few Christmas card blanks and I decided to share one with you today. Here is what it looks like filled with papers:

and HERE is the link to download the .page file! Enjoy! BTW, I'd love to see any finished pages you make with any of my templates. You can email them to me at labdogs42 @ (minus the spaces).

ETA, I'm taking the link to buy these down and add these to my freebies. Enjoy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A quick one pager

I did this page for my next Disney book and I thought it would make a fun template! Here's the template:

and here is the page I made with it:

I used Britt-ish designs Space Ranger kit and I have to look up where I got that Tomorrowland alpha! I promise I'll find out!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two New Templates by Request!

So, I got a request for pages with landscape 4x6's and 7 photos to a two page spread (for p365 layouts especially), so I decided to do a layout that incorporated both of these requests! So, here is your template with 7 landscape 4x6's! I haven't made a layout with this template yet, but I'll try and get one together soon! Enjoy!

get the left page HERE

and the right page HERE

Monday, November 2, 2009

FREE CM Templates!

I will be posting some FREE templates for SBC+ users from time to time. I'm also going to put together some packs of templates to purchase. So, please let me know what you are looking for in a template (like what kind of project you want a template for, what sizes, etc). I take requests! But for now, we'll start off with a simple two page template based off this layout I did of the Block party Bash parade at Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Page 1

Page 2:
all products used in this layout are by Britt-ish Designs Remember, the pages are fully customizable. You can use the shapes I have picked out and fill them with paper or use any cute elements from any kit in those spots. I put them there mostly as inspiration and placeholders. Use whatever suits the mood of YOUR layout! That's what's s cool about them!

So, here are what they look like, you can get them HERE (one zip-- it contains both .page files)

I find the easiest way to use these files is to unzip them and place them in my Creative Memories StoryBooks folder. When I want to use them, I just click Import a Page in the file that I'm working on and navigate to these pages. You click on the pages you want to import, and voila! They are in your book and ready to use!

Have fun using these and I'd love to see what you do with them! Leave a comment or email me with a link to your layout online. I can't wait to see them in use! Enjoy!